Registrace na konferenci a vložení abstraktu do 30. června 2018
  Zaplacení vložného do 30. června 2018
  Zaslání příspěvků do 31. srpna 2018
  Conference registration and abstract submission by 30th June 2018
  Conference fee payment by 30th June 2018
  Paper submission by 31th August 2018
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Conference Fees

The amount of the contribution is CZK 2,000 for participation on the first day of the conference (19th October 2017), and a total of CZK 2500 for both days of the conference (19th October 2017, and 20th October 2017).

Payment deadline: 31st August 2017

The price for the first day of the conference (19th October 2017) includes the costs of organizing the conference, publishing the proceedings and refreshments, including lunch and social evening, accompanied by a night tour of the orchid at Arboretum, Mendel University.

The price for the second day of the conference (20th October 2017) includes transport to the Moravian Karst and back to Brno, refreshments, lectures on tourism development, nature conservation, research, etc. in the Moravian Karst incl. 3D projection in the House of Nature (Rock Mill, Moravian Karst). The fee also includes a visit to some of the publicly inaccessible caves in which are associated with the results of the current research. Environmental and other risks in the catchment area of the watercourses flowing through the Moravian Karst will be demonstrated.

The fee is nonrefundable.

The fee is to be paid to the Mendel University account in Brno: Komerční banka, Merhautova 1, 613 00 Brno.

Account number 7200310267/0100

Variable symbol: 3170181

To identify your transaction, it is unnecessary to provide the variable symbol and the name and institution in the recipient's report.

For international payments:

IBAN: CZ7001000000007200310267


Transaction recipient message (obligatory): Your name and institution